Story Concierge is for you if

If you have ever been up in the middle of the night in your jammies, eating pudding & drinking whiskey while pulling your hair out in an attempt to understand why you are getting rejected, then---this is the place for YOU!

A writer struggling with

what genre, medlum, or style to tell your story.

Frustrated with other courses

And need something tailored to your personal needs that you can work on at your own pace. 

Longing to do what you love

for a living and aren't really sure how to get started with marketing, social media, what courses to take, how to network, etc. 

If you have ever felt STUCK, LOST, UNSURE, or have a great story but aren't sure how to tell it or where to begin-you have come to the right place.

You ever been told that readers aren't connecting to your story, or that your main character isn't believable.

After joining Story Concierge

You will never hear that again. You will have real characters that readers can relate to, care about, and most importantly---want to be on the journey with them.

After Completing Story Concierge

you will have


a clear plan of action and an understanding of what courses & craft work you need to elevate your writing career which will give you confidence. 


the tools you need to build your business as a writer and brand yourself in a way that gets you out there and seen so you can make money.


the knowledge and skills that you need to be engaging on social media, to handle rejections with grace & learn from them, tools to manage your time so you can reach your dreams.

"The journey of getting a book published requires lots of support partners along the way. Working with Stephanie Bourbon on finalizing my query letter has been a great experience! Her positive encouragement paired with clear and concise feedback helps make the process so much easier! "

Jason T. Shapiro

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